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Studio Marko Baković is an Amsterdam based workshop and footwear design studio.
We offer a 360° service. This includes design, access to partner factories, and the development and production management of both one-off and large scale projects.

In today’s oversaturated industry, we believe it makes more sense to unite forces and form creative alliances as opposed to maintaining an individualistic and tunnel-visioned approach. Therefore the studio stands for co-creation.

We advocate for the merging of craft and new technologies. We strive for hybridisation of digital tools with manual tools. We subscribe to the idea of the ‘modern craftsman’. This craftsman knows how to use and interchange a plethora of techniques ranging from traditional to hyper-digital.

Lastly, the Studio calls for a heightened awareness of the fact that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting systems on the planet. We seek to minimise our contribution to this problem by proposing alternative ways of production, material use, and general use of resources.